What is Gel Number Plate?

What is Gel Number Plate?


Car owners nowadays bank on Gel Number Plates to display their vehicle in a modern and attractive way. The combination of gel resin letters and premium acrylic plates develops a number plate which stands out on all occasions. The raised letters make for a stunning show when light hits them.

3D Gel plates use polyurethane gel resin, which is both flexible and strong. The raised effect and glossy shine give the premium look worth every penny spent on this style. The piano black high gloss characters will impress everyone and be the envy for other motorists.

3D Number PlatesAre They Legal or Not?

To the relief of private registration number enthusiast, DVLA has deemed gel number plates to be 100% road legal. This style follows British Standards and aesthetically superior to normal number plates.

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Acrylic reflective plates better known as 3D number plate is a widely accepted style in the market. This raised letters


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A fully road legal style from the same family of 3D number plates, they make these number plates with high

How to make Gel number plates?

  • Print and cut the legal-sized characters
  • Then apply the gel resin on the printed characters
  • In order to remove bubbles, place the character in a low heat oven. After done, cool them in room temperature.
  • Once the characters have solidified, remove the protective film on the 3M adhesive side and attach them on the acrylic plate.
  • Roll them through the airtight rollers and then clean them using all-purpose surface polish and give them a shine. They are now ready for dispatch!

What number plates can we design using gel letters?

Of the many styles, gel characters are widely used in making bespoke number plates. You can make number plates for all makes of cars and motorcycle using gel letters. Gel resin letters are often mixed with other styles to develop high quality and aesthetically stunning show plates. Some of these custom-designed number plates are road legal as well. Gel number plates give fresh look to any car or motorcycle and being road legal has added to its vast demand.

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