What do 4d number plates look like?

What do 4D Number Plates Look Like?

What are 4D number plates?

There is nothing like 4D, as this is just a marketing term used for 3D Plus style. The name 4d is used because 3D plus style has a better and precise finish than normal 3D letters. 4D number plates are of the same family of 3D gel plates but with prominent characters enhancing the look of the registration number to an even greater level. There are many names for 3D plus number plates, but the name 4D has caught the fascination of the crowd, and that is where it got stuck.

How different are 4D plates to 3D plates?

So 4D number plates have the same glossy effect as a 3D gel number plate. The raised effect of the letter is more with 4D letters. While 3D letter has smooth and round edges, the 4D letter is crisper, clean-cut and with sharp edges. While 3D gel letters are tough, they are also very flexible and do not get damaged easily. But 4D gel letters are not flexible, and they are pretty fragile. 4D number plates normally use mixed letters where a combination of 4D letters and 3D letters are glued together to give a stunning finish.

4D Number plates use raised 3D fonts.

Now we know that there is nothing like 4D style but just a better enhancement of the 3D style, making your number plate look more stylish and prominent. The already raised 3D plus letters if mixed with a base of 4D characters of different colours such as amber, orange, blue and many more give a very impressive display when light reflects off them.


So summing it up, 4D gel number plates are just better looking 3D gel number plates. The name 4D style is given to give an impression that it is better and one step ahead of 3D style.

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