Are Gel Number Plates Legal?

Are Gel Number Plates Legal?


Number plates with gel style characters displayed as registration plates are 100% legal. These number plates follow DVLA rules and regulations.

What are the DVLA rules?

The UK government has very strict rules governing number plates. Some of the rules are mentioned below:

  • The colour of the plates can only be white (front) and yellow (rear).
  • The materials of the plate need to be of specific materials.
  • Number Plate characters should be of certain fonts and shape.
  • There is a fixed measurement for spacing between characters.

If authorities catch a vehicle flaunting illegal number plates, it may cause failed MOT test or a hefty fine of £1,000.

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Stylish Number Plates following DVLA rules

Even with such strict rules, it is possible to add a little style to your number plates. Specific but aesthetically soothing upgrades like a badge, border, and gel resin text can add the needed style to your number plates without flouting the rules.

Number plates made using gel resin characters makes for a truly special personalised plate. You can show off these premium number plates without flouting the rules set by DVLA.

How are gel number plates made?

They make these number plates with a coating of polyurethane gel on sheet cut letters. This extra coating gives a raised effect to the letters and a glossy shine when light reflects off them.

So are gel number plates legal?

This style offers a modern and stylish way to display your car’s registration and is road legal as well. They follow all the rules set by the UK government and are easily visible and highly reflective, which DVLA prescribes. The combination of permitted Charles Wright fonts and the gel resin style has raised the standard for the rules set by DVLA and the aesthetic aspect of cars.

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