Are 3D Number Plates Legal?

Are 3D Number Plates Legal?

3D number plates are totally road legal according to DVLA, and car owners are displaying their private registration numbers using this style. However, DVLA has clarified that such plates should adhere to all necessary rules.

There are certain specific rules that DVLA wants every number plate to follow and they are:

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Colour
  • Fonts
  • Spacing between letters
  • Plate shape

If number plate makers do not make your number plates using the rules set by DVLA, then it may cause a failed MOT test or a fine up to £1,000, if caught.

Even with all the restrictions because of the rules, one can still design a fully legal number plate, which can look stunning and unique. A car owner who invests in private registration number will surely want to design their number plate in such a way that it stands out. One very simple and attractive way to make your registration plate is by using 3D gel style.

Laws laid out for 3D number plate

There are many owners who experiment with their number plate in extensive ways, and these turn out to be a total disgrace to the rules laid out for 3D number plate. So, DVLA has set a few basic rules for a 3D number plate to be road legal, and they are:

  • Registration should be in black characters
  • White plate at the front and yellow plate at the rear of the vehicle
  • Letter should be of equal height
  • No background patterns on the characters

So are 3D gel and 3D Carbon number plate legal?

Both 3D gel style and 3D carbon style are manufactured by coating sheet-cut characters in polyurethane gel. This gives the letters a raised effect on your number plate. Not only these two styles but, mostly all styles in the family of 3D and 3D plus are 100% road legal provided they follow the rules set by DVLA.

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