Are 3D Gel Number Plates Legal in the UK?

Are 3D Gel Number Plates Legal in the UK?

DVLA has specified that number plates are acceptable and road legal if they have 3D lettering on them. All number plate makers feature the legal 3D letters and follow all standard rules set by DVLA.

Car owners have chosen the 3D gel style to display their registration number as they are both modern and attractive. These number plates are manufactured using 3D gel resin letters glued with high quality and powerful adhesive to acrylic plates. The raised effect of the letters makes your number plate stand out on all occasions and generates a wonderful display when light reflects off it. Personalised registration number plates made with 3D style give an impressive finish and sight to behold.

How strong are 3D Gel Number Plates?

People often mistake the good looks of 3D gel number plates of them being fragile. But that is not the case at all, as 3D gel letters are both extremely flexible and strong. They are attached to the acrylic plates using 3M adhesive, which is both of the finest quality and super strong. 3D gel number plates are so strong they can even withstand pressure wash. Another myth with 3D letters is that they fall off from the plate as they are heavier than printed letters. This is absolutely false because 3D letters are securely glued with very strong 3M adhesive.

Are Tinted and Shortened 3D Number Plates Legal?

You can shorten or make 3D plates tinted at extra cost for show purpose. These plates clearly cannot be road legal, as they are not clearly visible. These plates go well with automotive and car shows and known as show plates.

Why Are 3D Gel Number Plate Legal?

If we go by some recent surveys, we find that there has been an enormous increase in the number of personalised registration sold. Now, with so many car owners buying private registration, it is pretty obvious that there is a craze for personal number plates. This in fact increased the prices of personalised registration numbers. That did not dampen sales of private registration numbers, but what really started creating a problem was buyers wanted better-looking number plates to showcase their investment. DVLA needed something which was both trendy and legal as well. They came up with 3D Gel Letters which filled up their requirement. 3D Gel style started selling like hotcakes and their stunning looks impressed other to buy private registration numbers thus increasing their sale.

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