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Alloy Wheel Refurbishment at 4D Gel Plate

We offer Best in the Market Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Services in Greater Manchester and Surrounding Areas.

Alloy wheels, usually purchased for cosmetic reasons, are generally not Anti Corrosive. The manufacturing process allows the wheels to boast intricate, bold designs. The alloy wheels come with attractive finishes to elevate your car’s appeal, and they require extra care and attention.

Usually, they need to be sealed with a layer of paint and other wheel covers to prevent damage. Unfortunately, alloy wheels eventually start to rust after 3-5 years, no matter the protection level. Sometimes, unfortunate events take place and disfigure the wheels. Thankfully to our wheel repair specialists, we are here to help you in diamond cut alloy wheel refurbishment, powder coated wheel, laser cutting of Alloy Wheel refurbishment service is widely available to help in Alloy wheel restoration in Bolton, Manchester. For more information Call us @ 01204891743

How to repair alloy wheels efficiently?

We know the satisfying feeling that you get after getting involved if damages your alloy wheels, when you scratch your rims on the Kerb, or when you run over a pothole at speed. When the damage is done, it is better to repair it as soon as possible. You can take two paths when you decide to mend your wheels- DIY or professional repair.

Do It Yourself-does it really work?

When you have a minor scratch, you may want to repair it yourself using a DIY Kit. The kit usually consists of sandpaper, primer, filler, and paint. You may also require lacquer on top, depending on the alloy wheel finish. For mending minor scratches, DIY kits can be of aid to some extent, though they demand patience and experience,

However, if the damage is more than a mere scratch, you will struggle to conceal it with a DIY kit. Moreover, the finish achieved after DIY refurbishment will not be perfect. Upon close inspection, some form of damage repair work will still be evident. So, if you are very particular about the details, we recommend calling in professionals.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment
Alloy Wheel repair Specialist

Affordable Alloy wheel refurbishment Services in UK

4D Gel Plate offers a comprehensive range of Premium Alloy Wheel Services for almost all kinds of vehicles, including motorcycles. We are dedicated to providing our customers with a quality, finish, and durability par excellence and cannot be matched by our competitors. Our incredible process of transforming the wheels back into their pristine condition is not only swift but also Affordable.

4D Gel Plate is a renowned name in the UK, and numerous dealers trust it. We have gained our customers’ trust by delivering top-notch work with the use of advanced tools and OEM approved products. Due to the use of original equipment, we can offer a 12-month warranty on Alloy Wheel Refurbishment in Manchester.

 Our proficient Alloy Repair Specialists can undertake even the toughest Alloy wheel repair jobs on any vehicle. Yes, they are trained to deal with any vehicle. After being in the field for a significant number of years, we can guarantee that our specialists know your car inside out. So, you can expect only terrific results and long-lasting performance.

Professional Alloy Wheel Repair

Types of Alloy Wheel Services

Calling the professionals at 4D Gel Plate will guarantee you full factory refurbishment. Our professionals can refurbish the wheels with a similar finish or even provide a unique finish with a custom paint job. Our professionals are expert in:

Alloy Wheel repair


We help your alloy wheels eliminate scratches, chips, or scuffs and work in Combining with trusted UK based wheel powder and paint manufacturers. With our excellent Powder Coating and Alloy Coloring services, we can easily match OEM colors. We use top quality products along with the latest technologies to provide long-lasting benefits. We Provide the Best Alloy Wheel Refurb or Alloy wheel Repair services in Manchester and nearby areas.


We have significantly invested in diamond cut wheel lathes to cater to our beloved customers’ demands. Diamond cut alloy wheels are drawing attention in recent days as they uplift any car’s aesthetic appeal. Refurbishing diamond-cut alloy wheels require precision in the technical process, and it can be done only by skilled professionals. Our professionals carry out the work effortlessly and aim to achieve perfection.

Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel
Alloy Wheel Shot Blasting


We have developed our unique techniques to clean and reproduce highly polished surfaces on your alloy wheels. We have recently introduced shot blasting to gain a quality finish. Our high-tech machines are engineered to treat alloy wheels with extreme precession and give a top quality finish to your alloy wheels. This cleansing process gives the opportunity for our technicians to produce prime quality wheel refurbishments.


Enhance the appeal of your car by bringing in a sporty look with alloy wheel colour changes. Our customers have the options of choosing from thousands of colors. We can repaint your alloy wheels with your selected colour. You can also request for mixed colour options to give your alloy wheels the awe-inspiring look. We use only high-quality colors to make your alloy wheels look glossy and smooth

Alloy Wheel Colour
Cracked Alloy Wheel Repair


We are a trusted and reputed cracked alloy repair specialists. Our expert technician gives your cracked alloy wheel a treatment that it will make it look like new. For the best and cheapest cracked alloy wheel repairs, we are your best bet. We use the best alloying agent that helps to bind the cracked wheel and give it a new lease of life. It is normally advisable to throw away a cracked alloy wheel, but buying new ones can burn your wallet deep. Bring your cracked wheel to us; it will surprise you to see what we can do with it.


This service is an art and we are proud to have highly qualified and trained technicians who have mastered this art. Powder-coated alloy wheels provide a long-lasting and trendy look for your car. We use the latest technology to provide the best powder coating services for long-term benefits and client’s satisfaction. Our trendy colors are suited for the most stylish cars and that too at an astonishingly cheap price.

alloy wheel refurbishment service

Opt for our professional Alloy Wheel Repair Service

4D Gel Plate is one of the UK’s most advanced and renowned companies based in Greater Manchester. We provide mobile Alloy wheel repair services in the Manchester region for your convenience. We believe in giving our customers outstanding service and leave them satisfied.

So, wherever you are in Manchester, we are just a call away. If you have Alloy Wheel Repair and Refurbishment Service required with Pickup and Delivery Service , Give us a Call, or you can arrange a free quote via the contact form available on our website